Career Switch Podcast

11: Impostor Syndrome and other roadblocks

August 10, 2021 Season 1 Episode 11
Career Switch Podcast
11: Impostor Syndrome and other roadblocks
Show Notes

We tackle 3 roadblocks that can creep up while making a career switch. One of them is impostor syndrome. It’s when you feel incompetent and attribute your success to luck or other factors, and you downplay your skills, experience, and achievements. We’ll also look at low self-worth and lack of self-care, which can take you on a mental detour with your career change journey.

Here to discuss these roadblocks with me is certified executive coach Natalie Archibald. Natalie focuses on evaluating her clients’ belief systems, identifying their blind spots, and exploring their hidden gems, to help them achieve their career goals. In this episode, she tells us how to handle impostor syndrome, low self-worth, and lack of self-care, so we can move forward with our career switch.

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Instagram: @knicknats_by_nat


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